Scaled Prints of Your Design From a Large-Format Plotter
With Punch!, you can order a scaled, large format print of your design directly from our software. In three easy steps, you can have your printing job running and prints arriving at your door in 7 to 14 days.

What you get:

  • Your floor plan reproduced on a large-format plotter on 36"x42" paper (Sorry, no 3D renderings at this time).
  • Multiple copies available.
  • Each floor of the plan arrives on its own separate page.
Important Tips to Know Prior to Sending:
  1. Be sure to save drawing exactly as you would like it to appear on the final print. All plans to be printed need to be visible.
  2. We recommend turning on dimensions. If dimensions are turned off, we will not print them.
  3. Please consider checking "Fit Each Floor to One Page" on the order to prevent tiling to multiple sheets resulting in additional charges. If you are unsure, please add any comments to the notes field below.

Select a print service and options: Note: 2 floors x 2 copies = 4 sheets Calculated Price:

  Special instructions regarding your print order:

   Provide your email address:
Use the same email address when you place your order.

   Upload your .PRO file:

Disclaimer: The service offered is only a print out on a large-format plotter of the design provided by customer. No modifications to the drawing are performed. Additionally, no analysis regarding any aspect of the drawing including structural integrity or compliance with local building codes is provided or implied. Punch! Software, LLC assumes no liability beyond providing a print of the design file provided by the customer. Currently, we can only ship print service orders to those residing in the Continental U.S.